About US

We are Dennis and Joan Adams, a retired couple, who started this ministry in 2002. In 1998 I bought my first power saw, and I started to learn how to operate power tools. the first thing I made was a 6 inch oak cross and I hung it on my pegboard in my shop. I said a prayer at that time to ask God to keep me safe in the wood shop. A couple of years later I looked at the cross hanging there and I thought why not make some crosses. I had a long learning curve and my first attempts were difficult and not very pretty.
Many people ask if we are still doing this. The answer is YES. God will let me know when it is time to stop.

About the Cross

This cross is a symbol of our faith. We Believe Christ Died on that cross. We make the cross out of wood because this is what the real cross was made of. I see many people wearing Gold crosses and they are very beautiful, but the simplicity of the wood has a beauty of its own. <